Precinct Plan

A fresh approach to urban renewal within Port Adelaide

The Port Adelaide town centre and waterfront presents a significant opportunity to evolve from a historic shipping and industrial harbour to a contemporary mixed use urban area with a sustainable local economy and regional activity centre.

Renewal SA has developed a Precinct Plan to provide a long-term framework to guide and prioritise renewal activities over the next 20 years. The Precinct Plan lets everyone know what we are planning to achieve at the Port and how we are planning to achieve it. 

Please note that the images below are only indicative and reflect the desired character design and appearance outlined in the Precinct Plan for Port Adelaide Renewal Project.

Why do we need a Precinct Plan?

A long-term plan is needed to make sure that urban renewal activities are logically sequenced and coordinated. While preparing this plan, we have also been getting on with early activation projects, including the Hart’s Mill surrounds, the loop path, building restoration works and Cruickshank's beach. 

How will it be delivered?

The Precinct Plan will be delivered through collaboration between state and local government, the private sector and the community to achieve a shared set of outcomes for the Port Adelaide Regional Centre. Together with the City of Port Adelaide Enfield, Renewal SA is already coordinating a range of initiatives to activate the inner port area for both locals and visitors. For more information on these initiatives, visit our Activation page

View the Precinct Plan document below:

If you'd like a high-resolution, electronic copy of the Precinct Plan document on CD mailed to you, please email your request to, or you can download the low-resolution copy here.

Who was consulted in the development of the Precinct Plan?

The Precinct Plan builds on the extensive community consultation that had previously been conducted in the Port. In October 2012, approximately 4,500 people attended an open day and shared their views and ideas on the Port’s business district and waterfront. We have worked hard to try and ensure that the Precinct Plan reflects their comments. The community told us they valued:

•   Vibrant markets
•   A community hub and events space
•   New buildings that respect the heritage character
•   Boosting tourism
•   Attracting new businesses and filling vacant shops
•   Open and green spaces for the community
•   Reduced building heights
•   Renewing the river front and enabling water activities
•   Job creation
•   Housing diversity and affordability

The Port Adelaide Steering Committee, comprised of community representatives, were key contributors to the development of the Precinct Plan. The State Government and Renewal SA would like to thank Peter Bicknell, Tony Kearney, Cath Duncan, Caren Siegfriedt, Michael O’Brien, John Ford and Bruce McFarlane for their contribution to the Port Adelaide Renewal Project.

Will there be ongoing consultation on the implementation of the precinct plan? 

Yes. Ongoing engagement with the community will be vital in achieving the outcomes of the Precinct Plan.

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Also, many of the actions required to implement the Precinct Plan require formal consultation as part of the delivery process. For example, the Precinct Plan is now being used to inform amendments to the Port Adelaide Enfield Development Plan and introduce a new policy framework and suitable instruments of development control to appropriately guide and facilitate future economic investment and development in Port Adelaide. The Port Adelaide Centre Renewal Development Plan Amendment (DPA) was on public consultation from Wednesday, 22 January to Tuesday, 18 March 2014 and is currently being reviewed by the Development Policy Advisory Committee (DPAC).

For more information and to view the Development Plan Amendment, please visit: