Cruickshank’s Corner

The prominent Port Adelaide site at Cruikshanks Corner is set to be developed into a fishing, retail and tourism precinct by a South Australian owned and operated fishing company Southern Sea Eagles, creating local jobs.

The Port Adelaide Precinct Plan was developed after extensive consultation and identified Cruickshank’s Corner as part of 40 hectares of Government-owned land around the inner harbour in Port Adelaide which could be redeveloped.

Southern Sea Eagles’ $5 million proposal to develop Cruickshank’s Corner will open up parts of the Birkenhead site currently inaccessible to the public.

The proposal involves:

  • Consolidating Southern Sea Eagles’ head office, operations and fleet of ships at Cruickshank’s Corner
  • A proposed new facility including retail seafood sales and a café
  • Refurbishing the former Primary Industries and Resources building, creating further business opportunities
  • A public promenade with pedestrian access
  • Restoration of the on-site tug boat MV Fearless
  • Restoration of two existing jetties and a pontoon for mooring seven fishing vessels

Southern Sea Eagles will consolidate its business operations on the site bringing more than 50 staff to Cruickshank’s Corner, with a view to the future expansion of its operations and fishing fleet.

The announcement of the development coincides with the start of work on a residential, commercial and tourist development at Dock One, also on the inner harbour.

Minister Stephen Mullighan said “This is an incredibly exciting proposal for the Port. Cruickshank’s Corner is a prime inner harbour location which, like other areas on the waterfront, have been under-utilised. The Southern Sea Eagles’ vision has the potential to transform this site into a busy commercial fishing precinct, which could in turn attract other business and commercial interest. It will also generate new retail and tourism activity as residents and visitors come to Cruickshank’s Corner to buy fresh seafood, have a bite to eat at the café or take a stroll along the promenade. This development is a great balance of a good commercial outcome for the Southern Sea Eagles, generating further economic activity, providing new facilities for the local community and the preservation of the Port’s maritime history.”

The Birkenhead Tavern will continue to be a landmark for the Port and provide riverfront hospitality for visitors. With views across the river, the hotel offers licensed indoor and outdoor spaces for dining and socialising.