Vision & Goals

Our aim is to have more people living, working, investing and spending time in the port. Port Adelaide will be a living port that celebrates its maritime past as well as a future that embraces new ideas, innovation and development — a melting pot of historic quality and newfound confidence.

Urban renewal will be achieved in the various precincts in ways that don’t dilute the Port’s character, but rather builds on it, reinterprets it, and reinforces it.

The inner harbour and water’s edge will be regenerated with new buildings and energised public spaces.

Our focus will be on the historic precincts and heritage of Port Adelaide with the development of active main streets.

We will realise the Port’s potential for pedestrian-friendly and inspirational spaces to explore, savour and enjoy, that will allow locals and visitors alike to soak up the unique atmosphere.

There will be an emphasis on environmental sustainability in all future activity to undo past negative impacts and enhance future environmental outcomes.

We will respect the cultural beliefs and existence of Aboriginal people and the values they share.