Port Adelaide has always been a special place. It is significant to the first people of our country and is one of the oldest colonial settlements in South Australia. It is the gateway where many of our parents and grandparents arrived from distant shores by ship to start a new life in our great state.

Many families moved in and never left. Others can trace their roots back to the Port. But most of all, the Port is the living history of South Australia. Much of its heritage remains intact. There are buildings here with a history that stretches back to the earliest years of ship arrivals.

This history, together with a fervent spirit and a unique sense of place is what shapes the Port and drives the revitalization plan. This plan has been shaped by the people who live in and love the Port. It’s a strong community, and one that makes the Port so special.

Some of the plans have already been delivered with upgrades to several iconic sites and a series of exciting events that the Port community — and people from all over the state — are able to enjoy. Established businesses have been arriving at the Port, wanting to partake in the promising area.

This is just the beginning and there will be plenty more to come. Our Port has an exciting future.