Gaff Studio Apartments

The refurbishment of an 1880s era warehouse into a two-bedroom apartment-cum-art studio is the latest venture in the continuing restoration and revitalisation of Port Adelaide.

Located in Port Adelaide’s historic maritime precinct, just a few hundred metres from the St Vincent Street, Gaff Studio Apartment is a contemporary living and studio space within a preserved, maritime warehouse.

The converted warehouse was designed and built by Peter Johnson and Karen James, in conjunction with Nic Salvati (architect) and Lachie Lade (builder) to preserve, restore and incorporate its maritime warehouse characteristics.

Peter and Karen purchased Gaff Studio in 1996. It had suffered water damage, had missing floor boards and rubbish dumped in its cellar.

From 1997 to 2016 Gaff Studio was the permanent studio and exhibition space, for Peter, a potter, and other local artists. In 2005 the studio was used as a film set for the popular Australian movie Look Both Ways.

Ceramic artwork, inspired by the history of the Port is on display throughout the warehouse.

Peter said the renovation process provided an opportunity to demonstrate how a derelict, historic warehouse, can be preserved and adapted to incorporate a contemporary living area.

“The re-design maintains much of the warehouse’s 1880s architecture.  The rear corrugated iron structure was removed to reveal original stone walls and red brick ‘King’s arches’ around the doorway and windows,” Peter said.

“Materials were selected to reflect the warehouse’s maritime history, including timber windows and floorboards and corten steel for the balcony.”