Mayfair Bakery and Patisserie


Philip and James


“don’t mind a bit of disco”

The Port vibe is…

“positive with an amazing culture”


April 2014

No. of employees


The hot boys of baking

It takes a certain something to breathe new life into a 145-year-old bakery and get the customers flooding through the doors seven days a week.

Brothers and co-owners, James and Philip, already had The Rolling Pin bakery at Magill when they decided to branch out to Port Adelaide. They chose the Mayfair Bakery because as James says, “It had the room and a bit of history to it.”

They’ve retained the original front window and signwriting. The old phone number ‘41554’ goes back to the time when it was a hub for the community.

But history aside, Mayfair is ahead of its time.

Their mix of classics-with-a-twist, sweet pastries and coffee is bringing in the local residents and office workers for their daily fix. “Half the town gets their coffees here,” says one of them.


The brothers decided to join forces and play to their strengths. Philip has been a baker for nine years, while James’ skills range from coffee art and customer service to the practical, hard yakka – “When we started with the fit-out, Phil was over in France getting inspiration.”

The trip has paid off in spades. Their custom size tarts take just four bites to polish off, which makes them the perfect match for a cup of coffee.

They range from Belgium dark chocolate salted caramel to vanilla bean mousse with fresh blackberries. Mayfair have also been wholesaling their patisserie treats to cafés and catering for weddings with buffets of 500 tarts.

But it’s not all delicate morsels… the absolute must-try for pie lovers is the cheeseburger pie. Not only does it taste like one, the layers of slow cooked beef, Dijon mustard, New York ketchup, cheese and pickles are all visible with each bite. And the pie is topped with grilled cheese pastry and sesame seeds.

Apparently, cheeseburger pie sales are strong on Sundays, with big Saturday nights needing hearty recovery food and a good coffee!