Community engagement

Through Renewal SA’s urban renewal project, Our Port, the Government of South Australia has a vision to see more people living, working, investing and spending time in the Port. It’s a plan that is embraced by local government, local business owners and residents alike. It will see the evolution of Port Adelaide from a historic shipping and industrial harbour to a contemporary urban area integrating history, enterprise and residential developments.

The future of Our Port is important. That is why we place a high value on consultation with our community. Ongoing engagement with the community will be vital in achieving the outcomes of the Port Adelaide Precinct Plan.

Previous consultations

The Precinct Plan builds on extensive community consultations that had previously been conducted in the Port. In October 2012, approximately 4,500 people attended an open day and shared their views and ideas on Our Port’s business district and waterfront. We have worked hard to ensure the Precinct Plan reflects their comments.

Over September and October 2016, Port Adelaide locals were invited to another Community Open Day and a series of drop-in sessions to gain a greater understanding and provide feedback on the progress of the Port Adelaide waterfront redevelopment. The open day was attended by more than 330 people and many attendees engaged in conversations with Renewal SA staff as well as representatives of the developers. The atmosphere at the open day was positive with considerable overall support for the redevelopment. Many participants were keen to see the progress and a continuation of housing development in Port Adelaide. The community’s responses about their vision of more people living, working, investing and spending time in the Port included arts, festivals, open space, markets and museums, with an emphasis on preserving and recognising the Port’s character and its community.

Download the report here.

The Port Adelaide Steering Committee, comprised of community representatives, were key contributors to the development of the Precinct Plan. The State Government and Renewal SA would like to thank Peter Bicknell, Tony Kearney, Cath Duncan, Caren Siegfriedt, Michael O’Brien, John Ford and Bruce McFarlane for their contribution to Our Port’s Adelaide urban renewal.

Many of the actions required to implement the Precinct Plan need formal approval through a Development Plan Amendment (DPA) and require statutory consultation as part of the delivery process. The Port Adelaide Precinct Plan was used to inform amendments to the Port Adelaide Centre Renewal DPA which introduced a new policy framework and suitable instruments of development control to appropriately guide and facilitate future economic investment and development in Port Adelaide. The Port Adelaide Centre Renewal DPA was approved and the Port Adelaide Enfield Development Plan was formally amended on 9 April 2015.

View the City of Port Adelaide’s Development Plan here.