Indoor Venue Option

The Flour Shed, Hart’s Mill, Mundy St

Suitable for community events, including music, cinema, exhibitions, conferences, theatre performances and concerts.

Size and capacity

  • Main venue space: Floor size approximately 814m2 with ceiling height to 5m.
  • Maximum number of attendees is 400.
  • Larger-scale events (up to 850 people) are possible, with special conditions (see below).


  • Large ceiling fans to main venue space.
  • Mezzanine.
  • Large mural artwork on southern internal wall.
  • Back of house area.
  • Basic kitchen facilities, including electric oven, cooktop and refrigerator (but no cutlery, crockery etc.).
  • Disability friendly access to ground floor venue and toilets. Disabled access through front doors only.
  • Male and female toilet facilities.
  • Cleaner’s closet with mop, bucket and broom.


  • Due to weight loading restrictions, no suspension from the ceiling, nor any of the structural supports are allowed. All rigging must be free standing.
  • Doors, windows and openings may need to remain closed during e vents in order to minimise noise emissions from buildings, and to meet noise requirements (see noise restrictions below).
  • No pets inside the venue.
  • All waste must be removed from the site by the hirer.
  • Hirers are not to access the cordoned-off service area on the mezzanine level due to weight loading issues.
  • No toilet paper, soap or cleaning products are provided by the venue.
  • No cutlery, crockery or other items are provided.
  • No cooking is allowed in the Flour Shed as there are no extraction fans. Any smoke from cooking etc. will set off the fire alarms.
  • Cars are not to be driven into the venue.

Noise emissions

“Noise levels emitted from the building should not exceed 8dB above the level of background noise (L90,15 min) in any octave band of the sound spectrum and should not exceed 5dB (A) above the level of background noise (LA90, 15 min) for the overall (sum of all octave bands) A-weighted levels, when measured and adjusted according to the Environmental Protection (Noise) Policy 2007.

During large events or performances within the facility, including the use of amplified music, the doors to the venue may need to remain closed to meet the noise requirements (except for limited periods to meet operational requirements such as delivery of catering supplies or the like).”


You will be required to organise a thorough clean of the venue at your cost.

If the venue is not returned in an acceptable state Renewal SA will hire contractors to clean the venue and will invoice you for the costs.

Larger-scale Events (up to 850 people) in Flour Shed


The Flour Shed’s maximum occupancy is 850 people when the large roller door on the south-eastern wall is secured open at a minimum height of 2m for the duration of an event.

This height is adequate for safety purposes; however, it is recommended that the roller door is opened further to increase ventilation and air flow.

To increase capacity of the Flour Shed from 400 to 850 people, additional toilets will need to be hired:

  • Male
    • 3 pans (one additional pan required)
    • 7 urinals (so will need five urinals)
    • 4 wash basins (three wash basins required)
  • Female
    • 8 pans (requires an additional 3 pans)
    • 4 wash basins (additional 1 wash basin)

Note: these are minimum requirements based on 425 males and 425 females — additional toilets may be hired for the comfort of patrons.

Mezzanine area

  • A total of 30 people may be on the mezzanine at any one time — they may take only what they can carry with them up the stairs.
  • People are not to access the sectioned off area on the mezzanine — this area is not available for use under any circumstances.


  • Temporary Exit signage will be required at the roller door.
  • Security staff should be positioned at all exits (including the roller door) to ensure that egress is not blocked at any stage.

Floor plan

  • Flour Shed ground floor area: approximately 30.95m x 26.3m
  • Mezzanine area (above toilets): approximately 50m2

Click the image to view in a larger size.

Flour Shed floor plan