Terms & Conditions for Venue Expression of Interest

  • Bookings will only be accepted if they are submitted on a Venue Expression of Interest Form prior to commencement of hire.
  • The hirer shall obtain current public liability insurance to an amount of no less than $20 million for each occurrence.
  • A booking is not confirmed until:
    • Renewal SA has received the hirer’s Insurance Certificate of Currency (Public Liability).
    • a cleaning arrangement has been entered into with Renewal SA.
    • a confirmation notice has been received by the hirer from Renewal SA.
    • an approved permit has been signed by the hirer and Renewal SA.
    • the booking time is inclusive of set-up and pack-down times.
  • All areas used must be left in a clean and tidy condition. Should the venue require cleaning beyond a standard-level clean as a result of the booking, the hirer will be invoiced for the additional costs.
  • Smoking is not permitted anywhere within the grounds or inside of any Renewal SA owned venues as listed on this form.
  • The hirer agrees to:
    • only allow safe and appropriate use of the facility for the purpose/s indicated on the permit.
    • abide by any rules or laws that are applicable where noise is involved.
    • be responsible for operating within the terms and conditions of liquor licensing laws.
    • comply with all laws, regulations or codes of practice relating to the use of the venue.
    • abide by any rules or laws that are applicable where food service is involved.

Amendments to bookings

  • Any changes to your booking must be submitted on a Venue Expression of Interest Form.
  • Please advise any cancellations as early as possible to ensure the space is available for other bookings.

Hours of operation

  • 8am to 10pm on Sunday to Thursday (noise restrictions apply before 10am on Sundays).
  • 8am to midnight on Friday and Saturday.
  • Access to venue for set up may commence from 6am under the provision that no amplified or loud noise is generated before 8am Monday to Saturday or 10am Sunday.
  • One additional hour may be allocated to pack down at the end of the event under the provision that no amplified or loud noise is generated.


Please note:

  • No pegs, stakes, spikes or similar are to be used on Hart’s Mill lawns due to the irrigation system.
  • Smoke machines, hazers, candles and naked flames are not permitted within Renewal SA buildings without prior written permission.
  • Due to weight loading restrictions, vehicles are not permitted to be driven onto or into any of the venues or sites.
  • Nothing may be stuck to the walls or floors of any venue.
  • Due to weight loading restrictions, nothing is to be hung from the ceiling of any venue.
  • In return for our in-kind support, Renewal SA reserves the right to be acknowledged as a major sponsor of the hirer’s event. Renewal SA will provide details of logo requirements when the booking is confirmed.