Frequently Asked Questions

Promoting your event

We will promote your project through our social media channels (@ourportadl) where possible to help drive attendance and exposure. The Our Port project has platforms across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram where we can share your content if given sufficient notice.

In return for Renewal SA’s in-kind support, (providing use of the venue), Renewal SA reserves the right to be acknowledged as a major sponsor of your event.

It is expected that you will acknowledge Renewal SA’s (Our Port) support for your project or event through social media and any media releases that may be promoting your event or activation.


Any promotional materials such as flyers and posters (both online and hard copies) must include the Our Port and Renewal SA logos. Please note that the use of these logos must be approved by Renewal SA prior to publishing or circulating promotional materials.

Logos and a style guide will be provided by Renewal SA, along with contact details for Renewal SA’s Marketing Coordinator when sponsorship is confirmed.

Planning your event

How do I book a venue?

Once you have a date in mind for any of the properties previously listed, please complete and submit the Venue Expression of Interest form.

Please note:

  • You will require Public Liability Insurance to the sum of at least $20 million for each event.
  • Booking time must include set up and pack down times.

How long before an event can I book a venue?

Renewal SA requires a minimum of 14 days to process bookings.

Bookings will be accepted a maximum of 6 months in advance, and will be assessed for suitability as part of a coordinated program of events.

How much does it cost to hire a venue?

Use of the venues are offered as in-kind support of the event by Renewal SA. As such, Renewal SA reserves the right to be acknowledged as a major sponsor of the event.

What time can I access the venue?

  • 8.00 am–10.00 pm, Sunday to Thursday (noise restrictions apply before 10.00 am on Sundays).
  • 8.00 am–12.00 am (midnight), Friday and Saturday.
  • Access to venues for set up may commence from 6.00 am under the provision that no amplified or loud noise is generated prior to 8.00 am on Monday to Saturday or 10.00 am on Sunday.
  • One additional hour may be allocated to pack down at the end of the event under the provision that no amplified or loud noise is generated.

Can I change the dates of an existing booking?

To amend an existing booking you will need to complete a new Venue Expression of Interest form and simply indicate that it is an amendment to an existing booking.

How do I cancel?

If the use of the venue is no longer required, please email us as early as possible to enable other users to book the space.

Can I organise to view the Flour Shed?

Email us to organise a time, during business hours, when the venue is available for viewing.

Are there any other venues available in Port Adelaide?

The City of Port Adelaide Enfield has parks and garden facilities suitable for weddings, picnics and other large outdoor functions. For community hall or garden bookings and enquiries, please contact Customer Service on 8405 6600.

Setting up your event

Who will help me on the day of my event?

The hirer is responsible for ensuring that all aspects of the event have been organised prior to the event commencing.  Renewal SA are only available during business hours, Monday to Friday to assist with event and venue logistics.

Can we hang or stick things to the walls, or hang things from the ceiling?

  • Nothing may be stuck to the walls or floor at any venue.
  • Nothing is to be hung from the ceiling of any venues due to weight loading restrictions.

What else do I need to know?

  • Smoke machines, hazers, candles and naked flames are not permitted within Renewal SA buildings without prior written permission.
  • Due to weight loading issues vehicles are not to be driven onto or into any of the venues or sites.
  • No pegs, stakes, spikes or similar are to be used on the lawns at Hart’s Mill due to the irrigation system.

Safety and compliance

What are the noise restrictions?

All premises are subject to the Environment Protection (Noise) Policy 2007, which sets limits on noise pollution. You must take all reasonable and practicable measures to minimise noise emissions from your event.

Music (including live bands and DJs) or any amplified sound emitted from buildings or venues should not exceed 8 dB above the level of background noise (currently measured at 54 dBA). Doors, windows and openings may need to remain closed during events in order to minimise noise emissions from buildings to meet these requirements.

Download and read the EPA’s information sheet on noise management for outdoor events here.

First Aid

It is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure that first-aid kits and first-aid trained people are available to assist in case of an emergency.

Food service

Please note that hirers are responsible for informing City of Port Adelaide Enfield and obtaining any temporary food business permits that may be required.

If hirers wish to use caterers for an event, basic kitchen facilities are available at the Flour Shed (see venue details for information). The Flour Shed must be booked for events to use these facilities.

Do we need a Liquor Licence?

If you wish to provide alcohol, you will need to organise a liquor licence for your event. To obtain a liquor licence, contact the Department of Consumer and Business Services on 131 882.

More information:

Emergency Contact

Please note there are no site managers for any of the venues. This contact is solely if there is an emergency (such as plumbing or a security issue) during your event:

Zvonko Vuksan, Senior Asset Manager, Renewal SA: 0417 854 359

After your event


Venues are to be vacated and left in a clean and acceptable state by the end of the time allocated to your event. Venues have regulated times by which functions must finish (see opening hours). Unless booked in advance, there is no access to the venue the next day for cleaning or pack down purposes.

Should the venue require any additional cleaning as a result of the booking (above the level of a standard clean) Renewal SA will arrange to have the venue professionally cleaned and the in voice forwarded to the hirer for payment.

A mop, bucket and broom are supplied in the Flour Shed to enable small spills to be quickly and easily cleaned. The hirer is responsible for supplying all cleaning products for their event. Other venues do not have cleaning supplies available.

For large events, we suggest contracting professional cleaners to ensure that the space is returned in an acceptable state.

Waste removal

Hirers are responsible for removal of all waste generated by their event. There are no bin or waste facilities provided at the venues.