Adelaide Fringe – Knot

Before there was superglue and PVA, before nuts and bolts, it was knots that held the world together.

Bowline, Hangman’s Noose, Monkey Fist, Half Hitch, Rolling Hitch, Clove Hitch, Trucker’s Hitch, Sheepshank, Sheet Bend, Slip, Knit, Purl and Figure-Eight. All secure to the Bitter End. We have knots for knickers and knackers, in all things woven and stitched, in baskets, rugs, clothes, when getting hitched, lacing shoes, tying a tie, knots to make string into nets, knots in wood, in the stomach, in muscles, in love. Knots of speed to tell how fast your boat’s going or the wind’s blowing.

The exhibition Knot runs 20 February – 8 March 2015 and is the fifth in a series of exhibitions by a group of contemporary artists that deal with a single word theme, the first being Rust, Salt, Tar and Smoke.

We’re expecting Knot to be just as surprising and inventive. For more information:

  • Where: Black Diamond Gallery
  • Cost: Free