Pirates of Port Adelaide Festival

It’s not often a whole city gets involved in ‘make-believe’ but Port Adelaide does, over one swashbuckling weekend in September.

Arrrrrgh! To celebrate ‘International Talk Like A Pirate Day’ inviting pirates from near and far, young and old, scurvy and scarred to invade Port Adelaide.

The 2-day Pirate Festival, 15 & 16 September 2018, captures the imagination of all ages and welcomes all South Aussies to get involved in the ocean of possibilities for fun in Port Adelaide.

The city will be awash with activity; from free kids entertainment to performances, lunches and more, there’s even grown up pirate fun to be had after dark. Download the full program and plan out all the adventures you and yer buccaneers will have!

For all further information head to the Pirates of Port Adelaide website, their Facebook page, or follow along on Instagram.