South Australian Living Artists Festival

Throughout August, Our Port is all about celebrating the great South Australian artistic talent on show at the SALA Festival.

There are plenty of great exhibitions and events happening in Port Adelaide as part of this visual arts festival.

To discover what’s in the area, use City of Port Adelaide Enfield’s handy SALA Guide or the list below.


Port SALA Walk

A guided walking tour of SALA exhibitions in Port Adelaide (weather permitting).

Bookings recommended. Contact 8405 6560.

Port Adelaide Visitor Information Centre, 66 Commercial Rd, Port Adelaide

Sun 21 Aug, 1.30-3.30pm

Artist Talk


Analogue photography exploring simple objects in low light.

Artists: Angela Gordon, Bradley Gaskin, Dani McLean, Lars Carlsson, Louise Kotz, Sandra Elms, Sasha Pazeski, Tony Kearney

The Packing Shed at Hart’s Mill, Mundy St, Port Adelaide

Sun 14 Aug, 3pm

Artist in Session – Samantha Tipler

Samantha Tipler will answer questions and talk about her paintings, techniques and inspiration.

The British Hotel, 13 North Pde, Port Adelaide

Sat 20 Aug, 3-5pm


Fall of Light Technique by Thomas Readett

Come and learn the Fall of Light technique employed by Thomas to create his latest body of work and SALA exhibition ‘Beneath The Skin’. All materials supplied.

Cost: Any amount you choose to donate. 100% of your donation will go to Beyond Blue as part of Thomas’s beyond blue bash! You can donate on the day or donate/book online.

Cats in the Loft Gallery, Level 1, 168 St Vincent St, Port Adelaide

Sat 13 Aug, 11am–1pm
Sat 13 Aug, 2-4pm

Glass beading workshop by JulFrahm

Come and create your own beaded key chain using Julie’s beautiful handmade glass beads. All materials supplied.

Cost: Donations gratefully accepted on the day with 100% of all money raised being donated to Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME).

Bookings: Not required. Drop in, make a key chain, enjoy the exhibition.

Cats in the Loft Gallery, Level 1, 168 St Vincent St, Port Adelaide

Sat 13 Aug, 11am – 2pm

Decorating Lampshades by Michelle Jahn

Make your own Scandinavian-inspired lampshade. Michelle has beautiful paperbark foliage to decorate your lampshade. Bring your own (must be under 30m x 30m) or order one when you book.

Cost: $35- if shade provided. $15 – if you bring your own.

Bookings essential.

Jackalope Gallery, 19 Calton St, Port Adelaide

Mon 15 Aug, 1-4pm

Port Community Arts Centre

Workshops held for all year round in watercolours, life drawing and painting, traditional art, pottery, printmaking, art journaling and children’s art.

Check for details.

Port Community Arts Centre, 66 Commercial Rd, Port Adelaide

Open Studios

SALA at Cats in the Loft

The gallery will also be hosting pop-up studios over the weekend.

Cats in the Loft Gallery, Level 1, 168 St Vincent St, Port Adelaide

13 -14 Aug, Sat & Sun 11am-4pm
Opening event: Sun 13 Aug, 3-6pm

Detour – Ripple Artist Studios

A collection of new and old works during an 11 year residency at Ripple Artist Studios. Opening doors to my creative space.

Artist: Sonja Clark

Ripple Studios, 7 Kyle Pl, Port Adelaide

13 & 14 Aug, Sat & Sun 10am-5pm
Opening Event: Sat 13 Aug, 10am-5pm


Naughtical but Nice

Interpretations of intellectual nourishment. Loving everything by the sea, whilst enjoying continual experimentation in all mediums.

Artist: Linda Buttfield

Portobello Food.Kitchen.Bar, Waterfront, 1-2 Tarni Crt, New Port

1 – 31 Aug, Tues-Sun 12noon-3pm & 6pm-9pm
Opening Event: Thurs 4 Aug, 6pm-9pm


eARTh is about celebrating, caring for and saving our planet. A beautiful exhibition of 2D and 3D artworks by emerging and established artists of Port Adelaide Artists Forum.

Artists: Bob Daly, John Davis, Phoebe Duffield, Sandra Elms, Camilo Esparza, Kurt Florimond, Stuart Gifford, Dot Jeffries, Hadley Johnson, Tony Kearney, Steff Kennett, Robert Arthur Lockett, Bev Luff, Kalyna Micenko, Anthea Piszczuk, Jenny Ramos, Tom Reid, Robyn Russell, Shari Russell, Caren Siegfriedt, Tony Shaw, Jane Shircore, Jacky Spencer, Tweety Isingyah Temple, Bryan Tingey, Tailor Winston, Liz Wauchope, John Whitney, Louise Wren, Trevor Wren, Peter Thompson

Gallery Yampu, 1 Jenkins St (entry via Semaphore Rd), Birkenhead
(Yampu is Kaurna for dolphin)

5 – 28 Aug, Fri-Sun 11am-4pm
Opening Event: Thurs 4 Aug, 6.30pm-8.30pm


Floral watercolours printed on fabric… Presented in wrap dress form. Celebrating Australian natural beauty, colour, petals and the female form all at once.

Artist: Rachel Darling

Folklore Café, The Annex (over the river) via Mundy St, Port Adelaide

2 – 31 Aug, Tues-Sun 9am-3pm


Eight analogue photographers explore table top photography, where simple objects are placed on tables and photographed in low light.

Artists: Angela Gordon, Bradley Gaskin, Dani McLean, Lars Carlsson, Louise Kotz, Sandra Elms, Sasha Pazeski, Tony Kearney

The Packing Shed, Hart’s Mill, Mundy St, Port Adelaide

13 – 28 Aug, Sat & Sun 11am-5pm
Opening Event: Fri 12 Aug, 6.30pm-10pm

Bold and Bright

Vibrant and colourful, these textured abstract paintings are full of energy and passion. Come get mesmerised and lost in them!

Artist: Samantha Tipler

The British Hotel, 13 North Pde, Port Adelaide

1 – 31 Aug, Mon-Thu & Sun 10am-10pm, Fri 10am-12am, Sat 10am-11pm
Opening Event: Sun 14 Aug, 3-5pm. There will be body painting, live music, nibbles, specially designed “bold” and “bright” cocktails & drink specials.

Flesh & Bone

A varied exhibition of works based on the human form.

Artists: Danica Gacesa McLean, Steve Hayter, Trevor Wren, David G Williams

The Darkroom, 154 St Vincent St, Port Adelaide

6 – 28 Aug, Thu & Fri 10am-1pm, Sat & Sun 10am-3pm
Opening Event : Fri 5 Aug, 6pm-9pm

From Where You’d Rather Be

When you paint, you can create any world you desire, I hope to share that with you. A collection of relaxing seascape and landscape scenes.

Artist: Jaimee Hockabout

Red Lime Shack, 158 St Vincent St, Port Adelaide

1 – 30 Aug, Mon-Sun 10am-4pm

Exploring Colours

Water colours, mosaics and creative writing were created by local artists at The Cottage Kitchen. The project was funded with a City of Port Adelaide Enfield Community and Cultural Development Grant.

Artists: Local artist Danica Gacesa McLean led community workshops in mosaics and watercolours

The Cottage Kitchen, 160 St Vincent St, Port Adelaide

Fri 12, 19, 26 Aug, 1-3pm ($5 lunch available)
Opening Event: Sun 7 Aug, 12-2pm ($5 lunch available)

Slice of Life

Colour, life and diversity swirls around us, intoxicating our senses. This is Dianne’s worlds which she gives to you in beautiful watercolours and other mediums.

Artist: Dianne Vanstone

ASSP Gallery, Shop 3, 70 Commercial Rd, Port Adelaide

1 – 31 Aug, Mon-Fri & Sun 12noon-5pm, Sat 12noon-4pm
Opening Event: Sun 7 Aug, 2-6pm

Youth Arts Festival

A multicultural diverse exhibition, featuring the art of over 150 Year 10-12 students from eight different high schools in the western area.

Produced by Port Community Arts Centre. Supported by City of Port Adelaide Enfield.

Port Community Arts Centre, Black Diamond Gallery, 66 Commercial Rd, Port Adelaide

30 Jul – 14 Aug, Mon-Sun 11am-4pm
Opening Event: Fri 29 Jul, 6pm-7.30pm


A general exhibition showcasing the diverse art and talent of Port Community Arts Centre’s members.

Port Community Arts Centre, Black Diamond Gallery, 66 Commercial Rd, Port Adelaide

21 Aug – 4 Sep, Mon-Sun 11am-4pm
Opening Event: Sat 20 Aug, 2-4pm


Lantern installation. What are your attachments to the things you own, the stories they tell and the beauty they can offer using them in a different way.

Artist: Michelle Jahn

Jackalope Gallery, 19 Calton St, Port Adelaide

31 Jul – 28 Aug, Thurs-Sun 11am-5pm
Opening Event: Sun 31 Jul, 1pm-4pm – Guest Speaker: Senator Nick Xenophon 1.30pm

Creating A Scene

Mixed media with a twist! Nichos, photography and paintings recreating imaginative, humorous and magical scenes of fantasy and everyday life that will amaze and entertain.

Artists: Thea Blake, Nancy Forrester, Kathy Harrison, Craigh Marsden

Jackalope Gallery, 19 Calton St, Port Adelaide

31 Jul – 28 Aug, Thurs-Sun 11am-5pm
Opening Event: Sun 31 Jul, 1pm-4pm – Guest Speaker: Senator Nick Xenophon 1.30pm

The Art of Engraving

Journey with artists Vicki Reynolds and Lorelei Medcalf and explore The Art of Science exhibition at the SA Maritime Museum. Over two weekends Vicki and Lorelei will explore links between their work and French artists who documented Nicholas Baudin’s 1800-1804 scientific voyage to southern Australia. Working in the Museum they will produce original prints alongside rare historic artworks on loan for a limited time from the Museum of Natural History in Le Havre, France.

Artists: Lorelei Medcalf, Vicki Reynolds

SA Maritime Museum, 126 Lipson St, Port Adelaide

7 & 14 Aug, Sun 11am-4pm

Shortcuts into Emptiness

A selection of ongoing explorations into drawing as a vehicle to negotiate the human condition and stay in constant contact with the core self.

Artist: Maarten Daudeij

Dutch Coffee Lab, Shop 5/255 St Vincent St, Port Adelaide

1 – 31 Aug, Mon-Fri 7.30am-3pm, Sat 9am-2pm
Opening Event: Fri 5 Aug, 5-9pm

Peninsula Pictures

Artworks reflecting the history and culture of Port Adelaide and the LeFevre Peninsula highlighting the beauty that is quite often overlooked.

Artists: Rob Jury, Graham Roberts, Trent Sharman

Lightfoot Eco Store, 257 St Vincent St, Port Adelaide

2 – 24 Aug, Tue-Fri 9am-5pm, Sat 9am-3pm, Sun 21 Aug 11am-5pm
Opening Event: Mon 1 Aug, 5-7pm

Black Diamonds

A collection of dark gems including works by local artist Jaqueline Barmentloo featuring her mischievous muse ‘The Amazing Dolly’.

Black Diamond Tattoo, 232 St Vincent St, Port Adelaide 

31 Jul – 24 Aug, Mon to Sat 11am – 4pm
Opening Event: Sun 31 Jul, 2-5pm


Installation, moving image, performance.

GLITCH, Experimental Art Space, 109a Commercial Rd, Port Adelaide

Sun 14 & 28 Aug, Sat 20 Aug, 12noon-5pm
Opening Event: Wed 10 Aug, 6pm-12am

Western Winds

A stunning mixed exhibition with something to appeal to everyone. Set in a beautiful historic building in Port Adelaide.

Artists: Ted Karo, Dona Cook, Peter Thompson, Samantha Gollan, Deborah Hazim, Natasha Wormova, Graham Shaw, Colin Moore, Lindsay Poland, Danielle Schriever, Lynne Little

The Port Adelaide Emporium, 113 Commercial Rd, Port Adelaide

4 – 28 Aug, Thu-Sun 11am-5pm
Opening Event: Sun 31 Jul, 4-8pm

SALA at Cats in the Loft

Cats in the Loft are hosting and supporting 15 artist exhibitions with an array of 2D and 3D works.

The gallery will also be hosting pop-up studios and workshops on Sat 13 and Sun 14 August.

Cats in the Loft Gallery, Level 1, 168 St Vincent St, Port Adelaide

29 Jul – 28 Aug, Thurs-Sun 11am-4pm
Opening Event: Sun 31 Jul, 3pm-6pm – Guest Speaker Mark Butler MP 3.45pm

Live Music Courtesy ‘Guitars in Bars & Other Places!’ – Adelaide Guitar Festival 3-3.45pm


Works that explore the concepts of camouflage, body adornment, pattern, light and unconventional beauty.

Artist: Bev Puckridge

Songs of the Sea

A photographic exhibition exploring oceanscapes from around the world. Witness different moods and emotions evoked by one of human kinds last great frontiers.

Artist: Forest Harder

Cats and their Queens

A whimsical exploration celebrating the divine. Cats and their Queens invites joyous regard for mysterious beauty depicted with colourful figures within dreamscapes.

Artist: Jane Carlisle

Daydreams, Doodles… & Dolly

Turning ‘one percent inspiration’ into one hundred percent exhibition. A collection of works in various stages of completion that embrace the moment an idea transpires.

Artist: Jaqueline Barmentloo


Every bead wants to feel included, not just the glass ones. Same with everyone. We all want to feel part of a more inclusive world.

Artist: Julie Frahm

By the Seaside

A colourful expression of sea life, seascapes and sea craft – appreciating the natural beauty Mother Nature provides.

Artist: Louise Van der Merwe

Australia: Landscapes, Cityscapes & Sunsets

A photographic exploration of Australian rural and urban imagery inspired by composition, light and colour.

Artist: Melissa Little

Dead Dolls

The One armed Artists Dead Dolls are whimsical depictions of movies, books, actors and musicians. They are loosely influenced by steam punk, voodoo dolls and a reinvention of pop culture.

Artist: Nadeen Brown

Where the magic happens…

At 16, unschooled and dyslexic, Nicola moved from Port Lincoln to Grange. Art has always been her love. With earphones in, and a pencil in her hand, Nicola began drawing her nature themed artworks at the kitchen table… where the magic happens…

Artist: Nicola Kemp – Brown Fox Art

The Lady

An emotionally expressive, colourful and vivid exhibition of the female form using acrylic on canvas.

Artist: Nicole Hepple – Blue Butterfly Paintings by Nicole


Works examining the mood of contemplation.

Artist: Sharon Brett

Beneath The Skin

In this body of work I will be exploring my own views of the emotional and physiological processes that define us as humans. Like many, I have found through painting I can not only express myself but also relieve myself of emotional trauma and experiences.

Artist: Thomas Readett

Spirit Totems

A look at women who are powerful and unashamed in their beauty and position as leaders, they are surrounded by animals flowers and decretive filigree. These images are a collaboration of pyrography (wood burning) and painting to showcase a unique style of art.

Artist: Victoria Landsborough

Transient Landscapes

This series of stoneware and porcelain reduction fired vessels speak of the fine line between craft and art: art objects that are well crafted. They also reference the multiplicity of Australian landscape through the considered use of different Australian clays.

Artist: Ashlee Hopkins

Living The Dream

Inspiration for my work comes from individuals such as Iris Apfel, or cultures such as Geiko and the Las Vegas showgirl. Where they are fearless to express themselves in colour, and design. Millinery can be used to create simple to interesting designs.

Artist: Cobie Marie George