Birkenhead Bridge traffic restrictions

Construction has progressed significantly on the shared use loop path around the inner harbour in order to provide pedestrians and cyclists with improved access to the Port River and surrounds. The works on the loop path started in June and the main portion of the path has been completed.

The progress of the works is now due to continue along the Birkenhead Bridge, commencing 7 January 2014. The work should take 3 to 4 months to complete with timing dependent on the condition of the existing structure and weather conditions during the construction period.

For the first 6 to 8 weeks of construction, the middle section of the bridge will not be able to be opened. However, low vessels will still be able to pass through under the bridge. Traffic will also be restricted to one lane each way for the full length of the construction period. All pedestrians will be diverted to the eastern side footpath for the entire length of the bridge and ramp.

Upon completion, the works will see the continuation of the shared use loop path along the western side of the bridge, providing a wide, safe passage for pedestrians and cyclists along the bridge. Due to the width restrictions of the bridge, upon completion of works, vehicle traffic flows will remain as one lane both ways with a one-metre median in the middle to improve vehicle traffic safety. This section of the loop path is a key part of the greater “Greenways” project which allows for safe bicycle commuting between the city and the suburbs.

Please note that the construction works require localised modification of the bridge decking only and will not alter the cultural significance of this heritage bridge.

The construction works are being undertaken by the Department for Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI). If you have any queries regarding the path or these works, please call Troy Jamieson (Project Manager, Renewal SA) on 0400 844 976.