Heart of Port Adelaide to be revitalised in Stage 1 Commercial Road upgrade

A key streetscape in the heart of Port Adelaide is set to undergo a major revitalisation as part of a joint upgrade by the State Government and the Port Adelaide Enfield Council.

The $400,000 project will transform the eastern side of Commercial Road including widening the footpath between St Vincent Street and Divett Street as well as realigning car parking, new street furniture paving and lighting.

The project will be jointly delivered with the State Government committing $175,000 from Renewal SA and the council spending $225,000.

The project is expected to begin in September 2016 and is expected to take several months to complete.

The Government is also committing $12.2 million to accommodate more than 500 workers in Port Adelaide.

This will benefit local businesses and encourage new investments, promoting Port Adelaide as a go-ahead area to live, work and do business.


Commercial Road North is located in the heart of Port Adelaide, linking the famous Lighthouse Square to the main commercial and shopping district.

It is a focal point for visitors featuring the lighthouse, Visitor Information Centre, dolphin cruises, the Fishermen’s Wharf Markets and many cafes, bars and restaurants.

The precinct is also home to numerous historic buildings including the oldest building in the Port, the Port Admiral Hotel.

Stage One of the Commercial Road upgrade forms part of the Government’s $1.2 million investment in revitalising the Port.

The Port Adelaide Enfield Council will manage the procurement and delivery of this project and it is expected to be completed in time for the peak summer season.


Transport and Infrastructure Minister Stephen Mullighan

This project is another example of our commitment to revitalising Port Adelaide while celebrating the region’s distinctive maritime heritage.

Through Renewal SA, the State Government’s investment in revitalising Port Adelaide is already well underway.

The revival of sites such as the Hart’s Mill precinct and playground, the refurbishment of the flour shed space, and the restoration of heritage buildings such as Waterside Workers Hall, Customs House and the Visitor Information Centre is providing new focal points and meeting places for residents and visitors alike, along with the new shared path around the Inner Harbor, a new beach at Cruikshank’s Corner, the restoration of the Birkenhead Bridge, and wonderwalls and public art.

Together with these, other developments such as the State Government’s new office building which will house 500 public servants, the construction of the Quest hotel and of course the recently announced $50 billion Future Submarines contract, will ensure a bright future for the Port.

The Member for Port Adelaide Susan Close

Smaller projects, such as the Commercial Road revitalisation, are critical in adding to the sense of place.

They not only support those major projects underway but also help to sustain small business such as cafes, pubs, museums and art galleries, by helping to draw in visitors and customers.

Port Adelaide Enfield Mayor Gary Johanson

The first stage of the Commercial Road North Project will be extremely important for improving the public’s experience of this emerging and exciting restaurant strip in Port Adelaide.

We look forward to opening up new opportunities for place-making through outdoor dining, new street furniture, paving and lighting.

The City of Port Adelaide Enfield values its relationships with business and the State Government and this is a great example of collaboration between all the parties.

As Mayor, I value the close working relationship I have with Minister Mullighan and Minister Close and that’s proving to be very beneficial to the Port.