Port renewal continues with preservation of unique maritime heritage

As Port Adelaide enters a new era of growth, new initiatives are also being taken to preserve the unique maritime heritage of the region.

A coordinated Historic Ships and Boats Strategy will be prepared for the Port Adelaide precinct to coordinate and plan for visitors and tourists to come to Port to experience its unique maritime heritage.

The strategy will also catalogue the historically important ships and boats in the district, such as the One and All, to maximise the opportunities for tourist and community facilities in and around the inner harbour.

The State Government has also increased funding to secure the future of these important vessels, and continue the good works of the Friends of the One and All, providing more than $3 million over five years.


Work on the Historic Ships and Boats Strategy will begin next month and is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

It will involve extensive consultation with key stakeholders, such as the vessel owners and operators, the National Trust, the SA Maritime Museum and the City of Port Adelaide Enfield.

A project reference group will also be established, comprising representatives from the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure, History SA and the City of Port Adelaide Enfield to assist Renewal SA in evaluating and analysing material to inform the strategy.

The One and All is a key feature of Port Adelaide’s maritime history and is also accessible to the public through events such as open days, exhibitions, day sails and voyages.

The five-year tall ships funding agreement will allow the One & All to take bookings on a long-term basis and secure corporate sponsorship.


Urban Development Minister Stephen Mullighan

The State Government has prioritised the renewal of Port Adelaide to return this unique and historic precinct to its former glory and these projects will help to further grow and regenerate the area.

The recent $50 billion Future Submarines announcement, and other recent development, will provide immense opportunities for local businesses and the community to capitalise on an influx of workers.

This means extra income for the many cafes, bars, restaurants, retail outlets and service providers already operating in the region and it will encourage more new businesses into the area.

Developing an Historic Ships and Boats Strategy will ensure that during this period of growth, the unique maritime history of our Port is not only preserved but also embraced and celebrated.

Member for Port Adelaide Susan Close

Port Adelaide has a rich maritime heritage and has long been home to the South Australian Maritime Museum and a number of historically important or representative boats and ships – including the One and All and the Falie.

A coordinated approach will maximise the opportunities and benefits of these unique tourism offerings for the vessel operators and the Port Adelaide centre as a whole.

Friends of the One and All Sailing Ship representative Alan Burgess

The five-year planning horizon will enable us to continue to develop our educational activities involving the One and All for children from across the state.

Importantly this longer planning timescale will also enable us to build the more effective relationships with major sponsors that will be needed to permit more frequent employment of theOne and All’s unique adventure learning capabilities (inherent in sail-training activities) to provide opportunities for the personal development of disadvantaged young people.

Increased activity levels for the ship will result in increased employment opportunities both associated with the ship herself and for local businesses.

We see the development of a new Historic Ships and Boats Strategy as an opportunity to synthesise ideas on how to capitalise on our existing maritime assets to provide attractive and worthwhile experiences for both visitors and residents in the Port Adelaide region.

Overseas experience shows that there are both educational and tourism opportunities to be had if we can bring these ideas to fruition to more effectively exploit our South Australian maritime heritage.