Renewal SA partners with Adelaide Business Hub

Partnership and progress continues in the Port with an integral part of the activation program. The Adelaide Business Hub has partnered with Renewal SA to ensure that effective economic development initiatives are in place to support local businesses in Port Adelaide.

The Adelaide Business Hub (ABH) is taking the lead on economic development by introducing a new approach to attract and support growing businesses to the Port. Building on the work of the Hub’s Todd Street Business Incubator, ABH will be seeking local partnerships with property owners and their agents, to accelerate the take up of vacant office and studio space in the town centre.

The Adelaide Business Hub is also working with the Rail, Aviation and Maritime Museums and creating a complementary local Tourism Network with support from the Port Adelaide Enfield Chamber of Commerce and Council. This integrated approach to creating new and improving existing tourism products will aim to have positive flow on effects for all businesses in the Port.

Renewal SA will also work with the Adelaide Business Hub and the City of Adelaide Preservation Trust to jointly prepare a business case to determine a more permanent location for the City of Adelaide, currently moored at Dock One.

Lyn Hay, General Manager of the ABH welcomes the partnership with Renewal SA and says, “This partnership will allow us to produce real outcomes with tangible benefits and to deliver results for the local business community.”

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