The Portal – December 2013

Concept illustration of the new Hart's Mill surrounds

Transformation at the waterfront

A vibrant and exciting space is being created for everyone to enjoy on the waterfront at Port Adelaide. The $2 million transformation of the historic Hart’s Mill precinct began this week and is expected to be completed by the end of March 2014. Local company LCS Landscapes, will be delivering the landscape construction works as the first step in the activation of this important landmark.

The landscape design, created by local company, Aspect Studios, features a 600sqm playground with a heritage milling theme and a multi-use space for festivals, markets and family-friendly activities. The facelift will help to ensure the area once again becomes a destination for the local community and will also include public amenities such as a BBQ area, seating, shade and car parking.

Sitting on the edge of the waterfront, the shared use loop path will link this vibrant precinct to other waterfront attractions and areas around the harbour.

The first event to showcase the new Hart’s Mill precinct will be the St Jerome’s Laneway Festival on 7 February 2014. Tickets are on sale now, so get in quick to ensure you don’t miss out.

The Hart’s Mill surrounds landscaping works is part of a series of projects totalling $7.2 million to rejuvenate the Port Adelaide town centre and waterfront, jointly funded by Renewal SA and the City of Port Adelaide Enfield.

Renewal SA is currently seeking expressions of interest for a farmer’s market operator to activate this space in 2014. For more information please contact Satu Teppo, before 10 December 2013.

Embrace the present by celebrating our past

Recording the history of Port Adelaide’s Inner Harbour.

A comprehensive cultural mapping survey of the Port Adelaide Inner Harbour was

conducted by State Government in consultation with a number of key community groups and stakeholders.This significant report focuses on the history of the Port from the arrival of European settlers and was initiated in recognition of South Australia’s oldest working port.

Find out how South Australia’s mining industry has the Port to thank, how an x-ray technician came to own one of the most prominent commercial diving businesses in the state and about the disappearing creek.

The Port of Adelaide is steeped in rich maritime history both architecturally and culturally. The social, economic and built heritage of the area is celebrated in an exciting booklet showcasing a snapshot of the project and can be viewed here.

Together with the City of Port Adelaide Enfield, Renewal SA is prioritising a series of infrastructure works as a result of feedback from the local community. These works will increase public open space areas, restore historic buildings and activate Port Adelaide for both locals and visitors.

Loop Path update

Work is continuing on the shared use loop path for pedestrians and cyclists. With the resurfacing of Jenkins Street now complete, line marking along the path will follow shortly. Works to continue the path along Causeway Road have commenced in preparation for work on the Birkenhead and Jervois Bridges in the new year. See the story below for more information about the Birkenhead Bridge update and resulting traffic disruptions.

The Renewal SA Works Program will also be commencing in Our Port in the new year, so keep an eye out for live training opportunities for local residents as a result of the loop path landscaping works.

The loop path will provide a 2.2 km route along the Inner Harbour, access to the riverfront and will also incorporate interpretive signage, seating and shade.

Birkenhead Bridge update

The construction of a shared use path for pedestrians and cyclists on the Birkenhead Bridge is scheduled to commence 7 January 2014. The update should take 3 to 4 months to complete with timing dependent on the condition of the existing structure and weather conditions during the construction period.

For the first 6 to 8 weeks of construction, the middle section of the bridge will not be able to be opened. However, low vessels will still be able to pass through under the bridge. Traffic will also be restricted to one lane each way. All pedestrians will be diverted to the eastern side footpath for the entire length of the bridge and ramp.

Customs House update

Works have commenced on the external repairs to Customs House. An investigation is currently underway to detemine the best process to safely remove the existing paint in a heritage sensitive manner.

Paint removal will be followed by waterproofing and window restorations. Works are expected to continue until around March 2014. Renewal SA is co-contributing to the works together with the building owner.

Upcoming events at the Port

Hello St Vincent Street
7 December 2013

Explore the old, discover the new and celebrate the season at the Hello St Vincent Street Party!

The warm weather is here, so why not get out and about and explore the reenergised St Vincent Street! What better day to explore than Saturday, 7 December between 4pm and 8pm at the Hello St Vincent Street party, hosted by Renew Adelaide, City of Port Adelaide Enfield and Renewal SA.

It will all be happening on St Vincent Street, where to the beat of live music we’ll celebrate the opening of the Forge Warehouse Photography Hub, Everything Coconut, and Lilly & Tulip as well as the first birthday of Modern Nest and Remake/Remodel. There will also be the belated launch of Film Buff Central, and drinks and treats on offer from Red Lime Shack and Café Coco.

Young Endeavour
23-27 December 2013

The Young Endeavour tall ship will be spending Christmas at Our Port. Come down and wave hello to the crew and wish them a Merry Christmas! Click here for more information about the Young Endeavour Youth Scheme and keep an eye on Facebook and Twitter for more information closer to the ship’s arrival.

St Jerome’s Laneway Festival
7 February 2014

Showcasing the best international and homegrown artists, the St Jerome’s Laneway Festival is coming to Port Adelaide in February. Tickets are available now, so get in quick to ensure you don’t miss out –

Unexpected Port

The Unexpected Port grant program aims to engage and enliven the Port Adelaide area through creative events, exhibitions, performances and art installations. The projects will take place in Port Adelaide from January to June 2014. Follow Our Port on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more information on these events as they happen.

Unexpected Port is a partnership between Renewal SA, Arts SA and City of Port Adelaide Enfield.