Winterfest in negotiations to return in 2020

Visitors and our Port community will be pleased to learn that the popular demonstration project, Port Winterfest, is planned for a return in 2020.

Winterfest in Port Adelaide has seen a significant spike in the number of people visiting Port Adelaide over winter for the past two years.

Initially introduced by Renewal SA in 2016, it has provided opportunities for local businesses to get involved and stimulate new economic activity.

We are now pleased to be in ongoing negotiations with a local Port Adelaide consortium with the ambition for them to deliver Winterfest in 2020, keeping it local and continuing to bring people to Port Adelaide.

Activations like Winterfest, St Jerome’s Laneway Festival and Wonderwalls Festival have been catalysts in our efforts to encourage more people to live, work, invest and spend time in the Port.

Laneways Festival and Wonderwalls are phenomenal examples of demonstration projects for the Port that have already successfully transitioned into self-sustaining activities, now run by private operators.

Renewal SA is committed to the revitalisation of Port Adelaide and is keen to take advantage of the momentum created by these activities as well as the commencement of the Dock One and Fletcher’s Slip redevelopments.