WM Scissors 9 years in the Port

Wendy, Marco and the team at WM Scissors have been freshening the locks of the people of the Port in their St Vincent Street location, for the past seven years.

Now, their lease has been extended until 2020, meaning another dedicated business reinvigorating the Port.

WM Scissors is also part of Sustainable Salons Australia. That means things like ponytails are donated to a children’s alopecia charity, shorter waste hair is used to manufacture hair booms for mopping up oil spills and some is even being used in community gardening and food growing projects.

It’s initiatives like this, and their talented and friendly service that keep people coming back to the salon. We’re thrilled that they’ll be staying with us in the Port.

If you need a fresh new look, make sure you give Wendy and Marco a call, or don’t hesitate to stop by.

WM Scissors
200 St Vincent Street
Port Adelaide
Phone(08) 8240 2912