Cruickshank’s Corner

At Cruickshank’s Corner, a destination precinct for hospitality and commercial development, a planned Esplanade Park with significant public open space will incorporate the recently redeveloped Cruickshank’s Beach and Birkenhead small-vessel launching facility. With soft landscaping and on-street angled parking, this will create easily accessible and enjoyable spaces for picnicking and socialising with open access to the river.

Fronting the beach, new buildings will offer views of the water and park. The Esplanade will be flanked with avenue-style tree planting tailored for the local environment.

The Birkenhead Tavern will continue to be a landmark for the Port and provide riverfront hospitality for visitors. With views across the river, the hotel offers licensed indoor and outdoor spaces for dining and socialising.

The southern part of the precinct will be used for a range of commercial harbour, marine and tourism uses as the interface between the Fletcher’s Slip and Cruickshank’s Corner precincts.