Hart’s Mill

Today, the whole Port is evolving into an area where creativity, commerce, entertainment and education fuse into one energetic and rewarding destination.

As part of this evolution, Hart’s Mill is redefining itself, creating a place within the Port Adelaide community that has a great deal to offer residents and visitors alike. Situated on the waterfront, it is becoming a place of entertainment and enterprise. The area will attract people up Port Road and down the Port River, and Hart’s Mill will be the centre of attention once again but with a diversity of purpose and a great sense of energy.

One of the key challenges around this is to ensure that we deliver diversity and scale. With its open spaces and a continuous water frontage, the Hart’s Mill area attracts a large number of pedestrians. The waterfront space will be a hive of activity with markets, entertainment and events to engage all visitors.

There are various opportunities for licensed indoor/outdoor venues as well as unique commercial spaces to complement the markets and existing users of the area. The area has been carefully landscaped to provide shade and activity while adding to the ambience.

Some of the activation projects already complete or underway are included in more detail below.