Building upgrades

Repairs and maintenance have been undertaken on the Flour Shed and the exterior of the Packing Shed buildings, which are located as part of the Hart’s Mill building complex.

The Flour Shed has been used for some recent Renewal SA supported events and was featured in the 2015 Wonderwalls Festival, with two murals now showcased on the walls of this exciting space. We look forward to this building being a key space for Hart’s Mill, expanding the current use of the precinct across all seasons.

In planning repairs and maintenance, some structural concerns have been identified on the south-west corner of the Adelaide Milling Company Building at Hart’s Mill. The area has been fenced to restrict public access. We are are working with heritage advisors and architects to confirm the works required to stabilise and repair this important building. The works are expected to take six to eight months and safety fencing will remain in the area throughout this time.

Please note that works undertaken on the Packing Shed have been to maintain the heritage exterior façade only. Further internal structural works will be required when a potential use is identified in the future.