McLarens Wharf

McLarens Wharf is one of Port Adelaide’s most iconic places and will be the cornerstone of the waterfront renewal.

Bringing this precinct alive will involve creating an appealing gateway leading people to the Port River with tourism, cafés, markets and shops focused around Lighthouse Square.

The Port Adelaide Lighthouse is a celebrated local landmark. Buildings on both sides of Lighthouse Square will emphasise the role of McLarens Wharf and its waterfront character.

Buildings will be developed along the waterfront creating strong visual links back to St Vincent Street, sympathetic in scale and form with the rich architectural heritage of existing buildings in the precinct.

Tourism, hospitality and boutique retailing, galleries, art studios, loft housing and affordable start-up business spaces that make good use of existing buildings are all encouraged for McLarens Wharf.

In the future, people will also enjoy paved paths with shade trees and street furniture.