North West

The North West Precinct will become a lively and diverse residential quarter and provide a gateway to the Port River Waterfront from the west.

A mix of housing types in bold and contemporary design will be developed around transit-oriented development principles of heights transitioning from three storeys to five storeys around the central core of the Glanville train station. Buildings will also be positioned to take advantage of views across the waterfront, whilst maintaining a significant sightline of public open space from Semaphore and Causeway Roads through to the Port River and Hart’s Mill. This linear link will be designed as a shared space promoting safe and convenient pedestrian/cyclist circulation through the development site and will encourage interaction between public realm and residential buildings. The recently constructed shared use Loop Path will form part of this linkage.

The promontory west of Fletcher’s Slip could include a café, restaurant, performance platform and soft landscaped spectator areas and will provide public amenity for both residents and local community.

The remaining ‘saw tooth’ building west of Fletcher’s Slip, known locally as Shed 26, provides a short-term opportunity for dry boat storage and/or recreational use and possible longer term loft apartments and/or cultural use. This building represents an ideal opportunity to seek design ideas for both its short and long-term use.

The Glanville train station is envisioned to be upgraded, with new built form on either side providing pedestrian crossings and links to station platforms. The adjacent bus interchange may also be upgraded and incorporated into a mixed-use development.