Port Approach

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The Port Approach precinct will become a new commercial and business park on the northern side of the Port River Expressway with commercial and mixed-use development providing a buffer from industry and transitioning to residential buildings along the waterfront.

Residential development of Port Approach (South) has been awarded to the successful proponent, Starfish Developments. It will take advantage of the waterfront and views of Dock One and McLarens Wharf and provide a significant landscaped public open space. The planned waterfront promenade will provide a continuous pedestrian and cycling pathway through to Dock One and McLarens Wharf.

Flanked by residential development, the Dock One marina provides opportunity for unique over-water development, including floating hotel rooms.

A portion of this land is currently a temporary home to a live training site for Carey Training. Working with Renewal SA, Carey Training is dedicated to providing training and employment opportunities for local people. This live training site provides the opportunity for trainees to practise and gain experience hours on relevant machines, giving them a practical advantage when seeking employment.