Retail Core

Our vision for the retail core is for it to be an active and lively area that meets the shopping and service needs of the local community and its surrounding areas. It will feature a revitalised mix of retail and commercial spaces with residential development above street level to further support the area’s economic viability.

The retail core will be linked to the rest of the Port Adelaide Centre via pedestrian paths, improved lighting, vehicle circulation, appropriate parking solutions and regular and convenient public transport.

An important goal is to create stronger visual and physical connections from the retail core to the waterfront.

Public realm will be improved by re-establishing a grid street pattern with Church Street and Dale Street functioning as major thoroughfares. They will be essential and lively streets designed for people which will, along with Robe Street, Port Mall, Marryatt Street and Kyle Place, provide connections to nearby waterfront areas.

New development in the retail core will be aligned to the grid street pattern, built to street boundaries and designed to respect the heritage character of the Port Adelaide Centre. It will encourage activity at ground level with verandahs over footpaths and pedestrian friendly linkages.

Some of the activation projects already complete or underway are included in more detail below.