Renew Adelaide partnership

Port Adelaide is once again becoming a thriving regional centre with an eclectic mix of main street shops, and a regular flow of changing faces by partnering with local businesses.

Through Renewal SA‘s partnership with Renew Adelaide, an organisation aiming to revitalise urban areas, we are working with local property owners to place businesses, open shopfronts and draw shoppers to the area.

Four projects are currently participating in the program — Folklore Cafe, Glitch Gallery, Red Lippy Art, Port Adelaide Emporium and Cats in the Loft — as well as barbeque gods, Low & Slow American BBQ, a ‘graduated’ Renew Adelaide project that now has a permanent space on Commercial Road with major Adelaide foodies and reviewers raving about their legitimate and authentic cooking style.

If you are a creative entrepreneur looking for a space to operate your business, studio, café or creative concept in Port Adelaide, see the properties currently available and find out how Renew Adelaide can help you.