St Vincent Street streetscaping

St Vincent Street is now becoming an inviting, easy place to shop and visit with convenient parking access and improved street appeal as a result of the streetscaping project we undertook in 2013–2014.

Taking action after we received feedback on this retail strip from the community, Renewal SA in partnership with City of Port Adelaide Enfield changed the layout of the road adjacent to the Port Mall and introduced angle parking for this group of shops. We also included a separated bike lane and furnished the strip with raised garden beds made from recycled timber. The garden beds have been adopted by the local traders along this retail strip and are another example of the passion and pride our local community has for Port Adelaide.

These physical changes along with our vital partnership with Renew Adelaide, that are helping to breathe fresh life back into these buildings with new, creative business tenants, who are once again making this strip of historic buildings a busy and attractive pedestrian-friendly space.