Five Minutes With Five Wonderwalls Artists

We chatted to five of the incredible artists flying in for Wonderwalls Festival 2017 about their experiences and what to expect in the Port.

Amanda Lynn (USA)

Why did you want to be part of Wonderwalls Festival?

I am excited to be part of Wonderwalls because I have always wanted to visit Australia, and being invited to create a mural to leave behind makes my visit all the more special.

Jimmy C (Adelaide)

What do you find interesting about Port Adelaide?

I have seen how there has been an arts scene developing in Port Adelaide in recent years and I hope this will continue.

Rick Hayward of Frank and Mimi (Brisbane)

How did you meet Vans The Omega aka Joel Van Moore, director of Wonderwalls Festival?

I originally met Joel on a job on the Gold Coast, where I was painting a mural as part of a collaboration with East Editions (run by Beastman and his amazing wife Kel), and Joel was installing a huge piece for Paradox Roasters in the 4217 building.

I’d known Joel’s work as Vans The Omega along with his reputation for being the happiest guy ever, so I was secretly very stoked to meet and see him working away on a beautiful piece before anyone else had seen it.

Georgia Hill (Sydney)

What drew you towards street art?

There are so many elements. Originally I just wanted to see if I could do it, but also the sense of community that exists between the artists, locals and the world is really unique and something I really value.

There’s also the kick of trying to do something bigger every time and setting some pretty impossible goals for yourself that is so rewarding, along with watching your friends achieve the same.

Telmo & Miel (Netherlands)

Where do you draw your inspiration for your work?

Anything. Sometimes you’re just sitting on the couch and the sunlight hits the tile and a cereal box in the kitchen in a way that the cereal box becomes one with the tile because of its shadow. Just observing can be inspirational.

Other artists, points of view, subjects itself… everything can have a certain impact or a reaction within ourselves that makes us want to try something with paint.