Wonderwalls 2019

From the 29th-31st March 2019 Port Adelaide will welcome the influx of international, Australian and local street artists ready to once again transform the Port’s blank walls, thanks to Wonderwalls Port Adelaide & The Big Picture Fest.

The three day festival will bring the community together with world class street artists, Australia’s finest and the best of local Port creatives who have been tasked with transforming simple walls into high profile destinations across Port Adelaide’s city centre.

The festival, which sees established and emerging street artists create lasting artworks on buildings and in laneways across the city attracted tens of thousands of people in its prior years exceeding 20,000 visitors over the weekend in 2017.

Wonderwalls Port Adelaide is this year in conjunction with The Big Picture Fest and is coming back to the streets of Port Adelaide with the proud support of new Pirate Life Brewery. The BIG Picture fest is Joel’a parallel festival, geared to support smaller communities and reward artists involved with a fairer share of budget allocation.

More than 70 artists have taken part in the South Australian Wonderwalls Port Adelaide transforming key sites – such as the Marine and Harbors building on St Vincent Street and Harts Mill – into vibrant art installations.

Returning Wonderwalls Artistic Director, Joel Van Moore (who paints under the pseudonym Vans the Omega) said ‘The opportunity to once again bring the festival to South Australia is an exciting prospect. Wonderwalls brings together some of the world’s most highly acclaimed street artists to work alongside Adelaide’s finest and encourages local creatives to exceed in their endeavors.’

Five international and three acclaimed South Australian artists (Sarah Boese, 10TKL and Dave Court) will be joined by three Port local artists, who will have been selected by an EOI process.

Wonderwalls 2019 is also sponsored by City of Port Adelaide Enfield Council, Topline Paints, Access Hire, Ironlak, Quest Apartments Port Adelaide, Picture This & Redlime Shack.

What to expect

• Welcome Block party hosted by Mixed Creative, Fontanelle & Pirate Life Brewery.
• Art walks
A Day on the Cans at Pirate Life Brewery
• Canon photographic tours and workshops
• Large scale artworks in the heart of Port Adelaide, starting on 25th March 2019.

About the World Class artists

Sat One – Rafael Gerlach (Germany)
Sat One from Munich, Germany brings his technical graphic conceptual style and will add unique character to this year’s festival. Abstract in nature, his art is in fact an expression of sensitivity present in objects, but which can be ‘seen’ only on an instinctive level. The colourful sensuality of his works continues his narration of exquisiteness hiding from direct observation, being sense only through reflection. While traveling to the inner-city of Munich, Gerlach noticed sprayed walls, which enticed him to join the local urban art scene as Sat One.

PEETA – Manuel Di Rita (Italy)
Peeta will be showcasing his sculptural style of lettering. His works can be seen around the globe and form incredible optical illusions on large scale buildings. Also known as Manuel Di Rita, Peeta is a graffiti artist currently living in Venice. He is a member of the EAD crew (Padova, Italy), FX and RWK crews (New York City) and has participated, over the years, in jams, festivals and art shows all over the world.

Diva and Phat 1 – (New Zealand)  
Husband and wife team, Charles and Janine Williams, will bring modern interpretations of cultural design, specifically their Maori heritage, into an urban context along with native/endemic bird life. Working and travelling extensively throughout New Zealand and around the globe, Charles and Janine create visual stories that connect them to the land, the stories and the local people they encounter along the way.

Akue 1 (Russia) 
Contemporary artist born in Moscow in 1986. Since 1997 he has been inspired by graffiti culture. Working with graphics and oil, classical graffiti forms and abstract painting. His works can be found on city streets, urban-art festivals and large events like the Venice biennale 2018. For the last 5 years Akue’s work has been concentrating in the studio searching for a way to combine graffiti forms with joy from abstract painting. Heavily influence of Buddhist philosophy. His main topics are exploring the development of human beings inner qualities through a process of uniting, meditation, astrology and other sciences.

Event details

WHEN: Friday March 29 – Sunday 31 March.
WHERE: Port Adelaide Central CBD.
COST: Free.
TRAVEL: Port Adelaide is a 20 minute drive from Adelaide. Trains run every 30 minutes between Adelaide and Port Adelaide Station which is a 5 minute walk from the
Wonderwalls action.
ONLINE: wonderwallsportadelaide.com
INSTAGRAM: #wonderwallsportadelaide