The Woolstores precinct will become a truly unique mixed-use residential community with a rich and active culture which builds upon the heritage of the existing woolstore buildings.

Residential development will be encouraged together with compatible commercial uses, including warehouses, service trades and commercial development in a unique mixed-use environment.

Existing poor quality buildings and storage yards will be encouraged to be replaced and redeveloped, and existing heritage woolstores will be preserved for adaptive reuse.

Buildings and new development will be sympathetic in scale and form with the rich architectural heritage of existing woolstore buildings, with opportunities to increase the height of historic woolstore buildings where the integrity of heritage façades is preserved. There is opportunity for a landmark building of up to five storeys at the intersection of St Vincent and Wauwa Streets to act as a gateway to the centre of Port Adelaide.

Streetscape improvements are planned to enhance pedestrian linkages and the connectivity of the precinct and support the increase in pedestrian and cyclist activity seen as a result of increased residential and retail development.