Final voyage for the City of Adelaide clipper ship

The world’s oldest clipper ship, the City of Adelaide, has taken its final sea voyage from its home of almost six years at Dock One in Port Adelaide to its new permanent home at Dock Two.

Watched by a small crowd of eager onlookers, the mid-19th century vessel, which is perched on the back of a barge, was carefully manoeuvred by two tugboats through the open Port River bridges in the early hours of Friday 29 November 2019.

The move is part of plans to transform Dock Two into a historical maritime precinct, which currently accommodates the Nelcebee, the second-to-last ketch to operate in the South Australian coastal trade, as well as maritime artefacts on behalf of the South Australian Maritime Museum.

More than 250,000 Australians can trace their descendants to someone who travelled as a passenger on the City of Adelaide during voyages from England from 1864 to 1887.

Access to the City of Adelaide is via Honey Street, and tours have resumed.

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The clipper ship, City of Adelaide, has moved from Dock One in Port Adelaide to its new permanent home at Dock Two.